Why businesses and marketers need to use email marketing in 2023

An unpopular Chinese proverb goes thus: “If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.”

A sustainable business cannot focus on making money alone without creating a community of customers. Time and resources must be invested to build a community that will keep the business waxing strong especially when global economies fail. Email marketing is the fastest way to develop such a community.

As a developer myself, I have come to appreciate the returns on email marketing and when I share these statistics with friends, business owners and marketers, they find it quite difficult to believe. Yet, one of the oldest communication tools in the world still provides better results than social media and any other digital marketing strategy.

Email marketing is simply sending emails to create awareness for a product or service to a targeted audience. At least 306 billion emails are sent and received each day as of the year 2021. By 2024, the numbers would naturally have increased.

Email marketing is still the most popular and effective strategy for marketers to reach their audiences. A survey conducted by Hubspot revealed that 47.5% of marketers said their email marketing strategy was more effective toward reaching their business goals.

Before we go further into the technical aspect of email marketing, I will highlight some of its benefits. A single email from a business can be sent to over a thousand people and read by more than 60% of that number due to open and click rates being higher than social media or other marketing strategies.

How does this happen? It’s quite simple. Emails are more personal and targeted to a specific audience than social media posts and other affordable means of communication and marketing. There are no issues about a platform’s algorithm because the email list will always belong to the business.

So all one needs to do is create a list, verify these leads through Tribearc’s mail platform, engage and nurture one’s  customers by writing simple emails sent directly to their inboxes through email automation. Applying useful APIs, webhooks, even using a free email marketing copy can help make the email more interesting to read.

Email marketing is not just sending a creative newsletter to an email list of subscribers. It goes further into subscriber segmentation. As soon as you begin to study the analysis from the tool, you can easily identify what works better for your customer, how they can easily scale through the sales funnel and directly increase your revenue.

I will be hosting business experts, developers, communicators and tech enthusiasts to a webinar on email marketing to educate people on leveraging artificial intelligence to write powerful emails, email segmentation and deliverability, email marketing campaign measurement amongst other important tips.

All you need to do is register free on https://bit.ly/tribearc and listen to experts from across Africa discuss how to increase business sales in 2023 through email marketing.

  • Opeyemi Emmanuel is the CEO and Founder of Tribearc, a leading software company in Africa. He can be reached at hello@tribearc.com Calls and messages can be sent to +234-704-212-4554 and +234-708-000-9967

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