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ARTSPLIT Introduces MUSICSPLIT, Announces Auction of Upcoming EP by Top Nigerian Music Artiste, King Perryy.

ARTSPLIT, the pioneering alternative investment platform has launched MusicSplit, its latest offering that allows for investment in music projects. Its maiden online auction features Continental Playlist of top Nigerian Music Star, King Perry and kicks off the app from 24 January to 10 February 2023.

MusicSplit allows music lovers own fractions of any trending Afrobeat music and earn monthly royalties to their ARTSPLIT wallet. Users on ARTSPLIT now have access to previously unavailable royalty assets when you buy splits and invest in your favorite Artistes’ upcoming projects. It’s a win for all; your Fav gets the required funding to create great music for your enjoyment and you earn passive income and high-yielding returns from the projects streaming revenues.

In a statement, ARTSPLIT’s executive director for technology and communications, Onyinye Anyaegbu, said. “Our goal has always been to provide a platform that democratises access to investment in African art and artistes through co-ownership and technology while elevating their global standing. Too often, ideas are not appropriately valued, such as music. With MusicSplit, creators can offer a percentage of their upcoming projects for users to invest in and directly fund it. Users on the ARTSPLIT app benefit from access to a high-yielding asset class while artists benefit from debt-free funding while maintaining artistic freedom. As a result, we have moved closer to our goal of providing alternative investments opportunities for everyone.”

King Perryy stands out as one of the country’s most distinctive and ambitious young acts. The creator of what he calls the “Continental Sound,” the former seminary student and would-be Catholic priest fuses the melodies and rhythms of today’s Afrobeats with pan-African influences and reggae/dancehall to create deeply resonant songs that transcend cultures and borders. With a run of successful singles (“Man on Duty,” “Work ‘N’ Grind”) to his credit and over 70 million streams on digital platforms, he released his debut album, Citizen of the World, in 2021.

This Auction comes shortly after a tripartite agreement between ARTSPLIT and music service companies M.A.D Solutions and ENGAGE to enable fans invest in the success of their favourite musicians.

MUSICSPLIT involves taking the estimated value of a music project (Eps, LPs, and Albums) and dividing it into 100,000 units (or Splits) to allow users and music lovers to finance it and profit from their investments. By presenting MUSICSPLIT, ARTSPLIT intends to further elevate African music worldwide while ensuring artistes freedom with alternative investment options.

To find out more about MusicSplit on ARTSPLIT, please visit www.artsplit.com/MusicSplit or contact info@artsplit.com

You can also reach the ARTSPLIT team on call or WhatsApp at +234(0)9088962169 or follow @artsplitofficial on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to keep up to date. Also follow King Perry @kingperry on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The ARTSPLIT app can be downloaded on App Store and Google Play Store. Start investing today in Afrobeat for great returns.

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ARTSPLIT Concludes December Monthly Auction featuring Ablade Glover, Kofi Agorsor and Isshaq Ismail Auction with an Artists Talk and Exclusive VIP Dinner.

ARTSPLIT, a leading African art technology platform has concluded its contemporary split and lease auction of works by some of Ghana’s finest artists; Ablade Glover, Kofi Agorsor and Isshaq Ismail with a silent party, Artists Talks and VIP Dinner attended by top business leaders, art enthusiasts and lifestyle influencers held last Friday at the Mix Design Hub and Restaurant in Accra.  

Ablade Glover is one of Ghana’s most influential artists known for his ability to capture the joyous everyday life of Ghana, its people, its culture, and environment. He depicts animated landscapes that mirror the exuberant diversity of Africa: its bustling market stalls, brightly attired crowds and women, and the dynamic energy that is Ghana, using warm impastoed pigments to express the dynamism, energy, and heat of his country. His work reflects his deep love of life, activity, and colour. Mostly, his canvases are a love affair with Africa, generously splattered on canvas, evoking the continent’s struggle, tension, beauty, and verve.

Kofi Agorsor’s buoyant, semi-abstract and witty depictions of his subjects have received widespread international acclaim. The vibrant, bold colours used in his paintings depict the daily lives of modern Ghanaians, of spontaneity and order. His paintings are frequently embellished with splashes, drips, and flows of paint that intertwine to form magnificent forests or labyrinths, reflecting the interplay of music, dance movements, and geometry. He frequently employs pulsing colours to create an interpretation of the essence of contemporary Ghanaians; lived experiences set against the backdrop of entertainment.

Isshaq Ismail, another top Ghanaian artist uses black, brown, green, red, ochre, purple, and blue to investigate and explore grotesque figures and textures. Ismail describes his process in sculptural terms, describing how he manipulates paint with thick, gestural brushstrokes in the same way a sculptor shapes clay. Through these striking and evocative works, he hopes to subvert and interrogate conventional notions of beauty. Representing the masses and advocating for the voiceless; his paintings explore themes of desire, resilience, power, and hope.

The ARTSPLIT auction was held from 2 to 17 December featuring Confrontation by Ablade Glover, The Orange Dance by Kofi Agorsor and Abrantie by Isshaq Ismail. Over hundreds of Ghanaian art lovers and collectors graced the opening of the public viewing, Silent Party and Artists Talks during the weeklong affair.

The winning bidders now have physical access to the works for the next 24 months, and the lease value of the works were $890 for Confrontation (2022), $1000 for The Orange Dance (2019) and $510 for Abrantie (2021).

ARTSPLIT is an art technology company driven by one common goal; enhancing the investment status of African art by allowing users to co-own rare and valuable artworks on a platform that guarantees price discovery and market liquidity.

To find out more about ARTSPLIT, please contact info@artsplit.com or visit www.artsplit.com.

ARTSPLIT team are available to call or WhatsApp at +234(0)9088962169.

You can also call or WhatsApp our mobile at +234(0)9088962169 and follow @artsplitofficial on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. ARTSPLIT can be downloaded on App Store and Google Play Store.

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VFD Group: We Are Investing in The Humans Of VFD

Behind VFD Group Plc’s successes are multitalented men and women who work hard every day to contribute their quota to the growth of the Company. These members of our workforce continue to go to the limits to create exceptional value that enhances our business goals and corporate objectives.

We call them “humans of VFD” because they continue to make magic happen while building a culture of dedication, resilience, passion, and progress. For this, we remain thankful.

As an organization responsible for our “humans of VFD,” we prioritize professional development, employee health and well-being, accelerated career progressions and competitive rewards. We recognize the importance of a good education, work-life balance, and the growth of our employees’ careers. This is why we tend to reward our employees with the best opportunities that support them for the future.

Today we acknowledge the huge sacrifices Timi Omoboboye has made to ensure we continue to build a truly diverse ecosystem and we would like to use this opportunity to celebrate him as we send him off and foot the bill for his education in the United Kingdom.

As the Executive Assistant to our Group Managing Director, Nonso Okpala, Timi goes “warrior” on us whenever he is assigned a task. Combined with his previous education and experience in finance, he always has an intelligent opinion to share with the team.

Timi made an impact in our lives from the very first day he resumed as Team Lead, FX Operations at VFD Group Plc till today by displaying a high regard for corporate excellence. Just like every employee at VFD Group Plc, Timi is being rewarded because we understand what it takes to be goal-oriented at our organization.

Thank you, Timi! You deserve the absolute best for helping us be a truly industry-agnostic proprietary investment company.

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VFD Group supports Africa Social Impact Summit, advocates SDGs

VFD Group Plc, in collaboration with Sterling One Foundation, will support this year’s Africa Social Impact Summit in Abuja from Wednesday, July 13 to Thursday, July 14, 2022, as part of its CSR objectives.

The Summit, titled “Rethink, Rebuild, Recover: Accelerating Growth for the SDGs,” will provide an excellent opportunity for the Group to encourage and foster conversations among members of the private and public sectors, industry experts, policymakers, impact investors, entrepreneurs, civil society organisations, and African leaders that will usher in market-led solutions aimed at achieving the SDGs by 2030.

“VFD Group Plc is leveraging both local and global expertise to drive long-term positive impact.” We believe that if we have meaningful partnerships that result in measurable SDG achievement, we have a better chance of creating a truly diverse business ecosystem that yields significant results across Nigeria and Africa,” Nonso Okpala, the Group’s Managing Director, said on the partnership.

Olu Salami, Head, Strategy, Investment Management, and Corporate Performance at VFD Group Plc, stated at the Summit that “education is key to economic growth, so we are committed to creating and executing lasting home-grown solutions like educating future generations to ensure they have adequate resources to thrive in years to come.”

Education, according to Article 26 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is a passport to human development that opens doors and expands opportunities and liberties. VFD Group Plc is committed to addressing Africa’s challenges, particularly in technology, empowerment, and healthcare, by encouraging collaborations on long-term job creation and strategies that ensure diverse viable pathways from education to employment.

VFD Group Plc, as an industry-agnostic proprietary investment firm, is constantly promoting and participating in public and private sector discussions and programmes that aid in the sustainable development of indigenous economies.

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ARTSPLIT Is Set To Redefine The African Art Space With Its Maiden Online Lease Auction.

ARTSPLIT, the trail-blazing art tech platform, successfully held its first online “Lease Auction” from Monday, the 18th of April, culminating on Friday the 22nd of April 2022, just two weeks after its live debut on the 8th of April 2022. The first of its kind auction was well received by its diverse community of collectors, with the 6-months lease of two artworks by iconic African artists with their works going for $1,185.19 and $1,128.75, respectively.

The ARTSPLIT app allows its users to own fractions, also known as “Splits,” of prominent African artworks and keep or trade them on the app if they win in the “Split Auction.”

These Splits enable multiple individuals to co-own a single iconic piece of art, which is not possible on any other art platform. ARTSPLIT also allows users to participate in a ‘Lease Auction’ on the app to win physical custody of these split artworks for a set period.

Untitled” (2014) by Abdoulaye ‘Aboudia’ Diarrassouba

The two artworks that were auctioned were “Untitled” (2014) by Abdoulaye ‘Aboudia’ Diarrassouba, an Ivorian contemporary artist, and “A Still Life of Fruit with A Spanish City Beyond” (1962) by the late prominent South African artist, Irma Stern. Both works had been up for auction from Monday, the 18th of April and were due to close by midnight Friday, April 22, 2022. A flurry of late bids by enthusiastic users looking to outbid each other ensured an exciting finish to a competitive auction! For the excited winners, they will have the works delivered to them for the duration of the lease period.

“A Still Life of Fruit with A Spanish City Beyond” (1962)

Aboudia chronicles the street scene in his city of Abidjan. In his vibrant, large-scale mixed-media paintings and drawings, inspired from the aesthetics of graffiti and traditional African carvings. For Irma Stern, one of South Africa’s most outstanding artists. Africa was her “Paradise,” which inspired her artistic creativity.

The success of the lease auction is another inspiring milestone for ARTSPLIT. It demonstrates the importance of democratizing ownership of prestigious African artworks, with ARTSPLIT granting this access to a global community of art lovers. Another significance of the success of the auctions is proof of the impressive acceptance and adoption ARTSPLIT has garnered from the art community across regions and nationalities, driving the integration of African art into the global art landscape.

Hannatu Ageni-Yusuf, ARTSPLIT’s Global Head of Marketing and Communications, stated, “It has been over a week since we began our soft launch, and the reception has exceeded our expectations.” We are currently gathering feedback from our early users to improve the app’s offerings. Collectors have so far been captivated by the catalogue feature, which allows major collectors to create a digital catalogue of their collection with a planned AI feature that will provide an indicative valuation of these works based on trade data.”

The excitement does not stop here; there are still amazing artworks up for split and lease auctions on the platform. These auctions are always available and take place in real-time.

You can download ARTSPLIT HERE on the Android Play Store or iOS app store, sign up and start buying and trading with as little as $10 and become a co-owner and gain physical custodianship of any of the artworks up for auction.

Hello and welcome to the new ART ECONOMY!

About Artsplit

ARTSPLIT Limited is art trading technology company driven by one common goal: Raising African Art’s global profile by building a diverse community of African art collectors and investors. We are on a mission to introduce art as a currency and make it more accessible to invest, trade and collect African art.

Our platform (ARTSPLIT mobile app) allows art lovers to own fractions (also known as Splits) of prestigious African artworks, which they can trade in real-time. ARTSPLIT also provides opportunities for owners of investment-grade African art to list their works and have them evaluated and sold to members of our community.

ARTSPLIT also offers advisory and management services for art collectors which are personalised to requirements to manage art portfolios online fully and on offline platforms. To find out more about ARTSPLIT, send us an email at info@artsplit.com or visit www.artsplit.com.

 You can also call or WhatsApp our mobile at +234(0)9088962169 and follow @artsplitofficial on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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VFD Group and future of Sustainable Investments

Since 2006, the United Nations has consistently advocated for investments that take into account environmental, social, and corporate governance, ESG issues. The gradual transition to a green world, on the other hand, has been laboured by many developing countries, which require massive capital and technology to carry out.

Nigerian businesses are now implementing ESG policies that promote sustainable management, responsible investment, and economic development. VFD Group Plc, a sector proprietary investment firm, is toeing that line.

The ESG Policy of VFD Group Plc provides solutions to the renewed interest in sustainable investments that protect financial performance while also contributing to global issues such as climate change.

What is ESG?
ESG policies require corporations to consider environmental, social, and governance realities in addition to shareholder wealth in order to achieve long-term growth.

The term ESG is widely understood as a topic that includes environmental issues such as deforestation, biodiversity, and greenhouse gas emissions, pollution (air, land, and water), natural resource usage, and waste management. Human rights, labour standards in the business and supply chain, occupational and community health and safety, stakeholder engagement, a grievance mechanism, and social opportunities are examples of social issues. Governance issues include a set of rules or principles that define human rights, responsibilities, and expectations among various stakeholders in corporate governance (corporate governance and corporate actions).

VFD Group Plc’s ESG policy applies to all three sectors, ensuring compliance, good corporate governance, and transparency in its operations.

The Impact of a Green Economy
Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to experience some of the most extreme temperatures. According to a World Bank analysis, “the region is directly and indirectly exposed to the transition risks associated with climate change,” which is exacerbated by the region’s reliance on minerals, energy, and mining. Furthermore, financial sector regulations that are rapidly being implemented in the European Union and are being harmonised globally will have an impact on all companies involved in supply chains that intersect with African countries.

Global stakeholders are looking to African governments and corporations to deliver on long-term investments that generate economic returns, and top investors are pushing for metrics that show positive estimates.

According to the International Finance Corporation’s analysis of African markets, transitioning to a greener economy will increase profits for manufacturers, create more jobs, and attract more investment to the continent. A green economy, in essence, creates healthier businesses in African countries such as Nigeria.

According to a report by the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, sustainable investments now account for more than $39 trillion in five major global markets, a 34% increase in two years.

Other studies show that over a ten-year period, sustainable investments outperformed general markets. This implies that ESG funds can generate higher long-term investment returns.

A good ESG integration in a company like VFD Group Plc will naturally assist investors in adapting to the risks of economic, social, and governance changes, as well as taking advantage of green investment opportunities.

Through effective relationships with relevant stakeholders, activists, and global organisations, the Group can accelerate economic growth for the country and its businesses.

Few organisations have developed green investment plans to keep up with the times, but corporate organisations such as VFD Group Plc, PwC, Reckitt Benckiser, and some oil and gas companies have taken up the baton and established ESG policies.

The Group’s Mandate
VFD Group Plc is at the forefront of developing future sustainable investments by implementing policies that are in line with global standards and delivering the best investment results to investors and clients.

The Group’s ESG policy prioritises managing the interests of stakeholders such as governments, regulators, clients, investors, the board, and other stakeholders.

Driven by risk management, business opportunities (market access and revenue growth), cost savings, innovation, productivity through improved management, and brand enhancement, the Group will champion the adoption of best corporate governance practises while performing fiduciary duties by ensuring financial and non-financial risks are modelled into its investment feasibility analysis and decision-making process to ensure long-term sustainable value for all shareholders.

In terms of human capital, VFD Group Plc intends to foster a unified culture based on innovation, inclusion, and diversity, as well as to ensure the recruitment, development, and retention of the best talent across the firm and investments.

The Group will ensure that all investments, loans, leases, and other services aim to reduce negative environmental impacts while enhancing positive effects, and that customers are well informed about the financial and non-financial risks associated with its savings and investment services.

The Group is dedicated to delivering the necessary innovative strategies to improve opportunities in equity investments, mortgages, leases, loans, and asset management.

“As a member of the investment sector, we recognise the importance of working with stakeholders and governments to build globally healthy economies.” As an organisation concerned with the conditions of the country’s economic growth, we promote the tenets of diversity, integrity, transparency, and sustainability,” Nonso Okpala, Group Managing Director of VFD Group Plc stated.

By aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), the Paris Agreement, and Africa Agenda 2063, the Group will advocate for public policies that are in the long-term interests of its clients and support local communities and global society toward sustainable development. These will be accomplished through the development of services and products that promote sustainable development, as well as through corporate social responsibility. VFD Group Plc will conduct business responsibly by joining the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

The ESG policy will be implemented across the VFD Group’s portfolio companies while adhering to each company’s corporate strategy, value, and economic and financial growth model. The Group has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to overcome competitive challenges, reduce risks, and improve investment performance across a wide range of markets.

Bonuola is the Founder & CEO ABCS Agency, a PR Agency for Tech Startups, VCs and Brands.

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Engaging The Government Is Crucial To The Technology And Innovation Ecosystem – VFD Group’s Executive Director, Niyi Adenubi.

As many organizations pivot to the technology industry and emerging markets continue to evolve, engaging governments and policy leaders has become imperative for corporate bodies to improve economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Niyi Adenubi who leads the Governance, Government & Subsidiary Relations at VFD Group Plc, a sector agnostic, proprietary investment company, has encouraged top and budding players in the innovation ecosystem to engage the relevant stakeholders for the development of the sector.

Speaking at a panel session on “the role of regulation & ease of doing business in reviving employment” at the LSETF Employment Summit in Lagos, Niyi stressed that, “Tech enthusiasts need to be in the room where policy conversations are being had to create a macro-environment that empowers diverse communities.”

On building these inclusive communities, he added that, “VFD Group is a sector investor and is constantly on the lookout for spirited engagements that can further growth. We believe engagement is important and we are always ready to start these conversations. Fintech has been exciting for us and we see other relevant sectors growing. We are encouraged by the government of Lagos State and we will do more to drive the conversation.”

Adenubi’s session which was moderated by Managing Partner, TNP, Baba Alakolaro, had in attendance intelligent and resourceful individuals from the corporate world including Special Adviser to the President of Nigeria on Ease of Doing Business, Dr. Jumoke Oduwole; CEO, Nigeria Economic Summit Group, Olaoye Jaiyeola; Stears Head of Intelligence, Michael Famoroti and CEO, Happy Coffee, Princess Adeyinka Tekenah.

Adenubi is a financier and investor with more than 15 years of experience working in Private Equity, Venture Capital, Financial Advisory, Institutional and Corporate banking, Investment management and other consulting sectors. He has played exceptional advisory roles to numerous firms in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, most notably with the Royal Bank of Scotland and ATOS Consulting.

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Vbank Makes Valentine Extra Special For Singles At Trueflutter Love Fest

Nigeria’s leading digital bank, Vbank made the season of Valentine extra special by bringing single men and women together to mingle and connect with potential partners at the Trueflutter Love Fest, CCX Lounge, Lagos. 

Cupid’s golden arrows struck many unattached men and women as they celebrated love, danced together, played fun party games and tasted exotic food and cocktails. 

Beautiful women in sultry dresses were serenaded by charming men while they participated in games in different teams. Two lucky singles won luxurious prizes; a Spa and Dinner date at facilities in the city. Vbank spiced up the day further by ensuring more singles won gift items from a raffle draw. 

The day of romance was filled with sweet conversations, chemistry and laughter as many passionate people had the opportunity to shoot shots at each other. In the spirit of love, a free photo booth sponsored by the digital bank captured many memories as toasts were made to the future.  

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2022 Predictions: Why Nigerian Youths Should Start Investing

The year 2021 had unprecedented effects on the Nigerian economy. Like many other countries, Nigeria had to recover from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic following developments in vaccine production, importation, and distribution.

Accumulated efforts from the private and public sectors helped the country sustain a positive trajectory through forex challenges, high and rising inflation, insecurity in different regions, and poor oil production numbers. However, it was no surprise that the Nigeria Bureau Of Statistics reported that the GDP grew by 0.51%, 4.01% and 4.03% in the first three quarters of 2021. The report spotlights Q3:2020 and Q3:2021 growth by 4.03% year on year, thereby mirroring the growth witnessed over four consecutive quarters.

Non-oil sectors recorded massive expansion, with the Technology sector delivering a whopping 9.66% growth rate in Q4:2021. The Telecommunications subsector especially championed growth with a 10.78% expansion, attributed to a 1.62% boost in subscriber base. The agriculture sector in Nigeria developed by 1.22% YoY, while its manufacturing counterpart recorded positive growth compared to results from the year 2020.

As the capital market slowly picks up, leading securities firm Anchoria Investment and Securities Limited, in their 2022 report, argues that although the prices of fundamentally justified stocks in the market remained low, there are predictions of an impressive reaction soon. They cited trends such as the recent acquisition of PBS licenses by Airtel with Glo and 9 Mobile soon to follow alongside the continuous rise of data as the new age currency as the country tilts towards remote work. Of course, traditional powerhouse stocks like those financial institutions remain a sure bet in 2022, they further narrated. (You can subscribe to their weekly market report here to find out more).

Anchoria Asset Management foresees more unorthodox policies from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to improve FX challenges, increasing the chances of a balance in the financial economy. Therefore, young investors must begin to consider acquiring more diversified assets to get quality investments and earn positive real returns in the market. (Subscribe to the Anchoria Eurobond Linked Note here)

Is The Market Ripe For Investment?

Inflation rates decreased by 15.63% at the end of 2021. Still, this rate may increase in 2022 due to rising food prices, potential hikes in electricity tariffs, fuel subsidy removal, and food production innovations. HOWEVER, the CBN can elude these predictions through new and effective policies.

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) maintained an accommodative monetary policy that helped increase credit growth to the private sector by 19.02% YoY as of November 2021 and 17.13% YTD. While credit growth to the public sector slowed to just 5.05% YTD. The MPC which communicated its plan to adopt the wait and watch approach policy following

the initial rate cut in 2020 to 11.50% may continue with its mandate.

Anchoria Research found that the market closed Q4:2021 on a positive note by +6.07% on the Equities front. However, this development, like 2020, was driven by individual corporate actions despite the harsh conditions of the economy.

The Fixed Income Market remained strong with investor participation, following increased returns as many stockholders’ pivot from the equities space to fixed income groups. Although T-bills, OMO and bond yields ended Q4:2021 with 4.44%, 5.41%, and 11.96% returns in contrast to 7.10%, 9.93%, and 12.03% in July 2021, there was steady investor’s activity in the market.

Based on insights from Anchoria Asset Management and Anchoria Investment and Securities Limited, the market may seem volatile at first because 2022 remains a pre-election year, and investors’ sentiment has always leaned on political advocacy for developments in business activities. However, investors can still secure returns by purchasing their preferred stocks in different portfolios to reduce the risk of capital loss from price declines.

To learn more about the top-recommended stocks to watch and other capital market trends, download the full Capital Market outlook report from Anchoria Investment and Securities https://bit.ly/Anchoria2022OutlookReport.

Alternatively, you can delve deeper into how the macro and micro-economic trends might affect your portfolio or mutual fund growth, download the full Anchoria Asset Management Outlook Report and visit https://bit.ly/AnchoriaAMOutlookReport.

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Laycon Dazzles Fans With Captivating Performance At Vbank Icons Fest

It was all vibes and thrills for Fierce Nation fans as BBNaija Lockdown Winner and upcoming rapper, Laycon stunned all his fans and delivered a captivating performance at the Vbank funded Icons Fest in Lagos.

The 28-year-old rapper took to the stage to perform all his songs including singles from his three albums; ‘Shall We Begin’, ‘I am Laycon’ and ‘Who Is Laycon’ featuring hits like Hip Hop, Drunk In Love, Fall for me, Verified, god Body and many more.

The Icons Fest which was hosted by Kenny Blaq had popular Afrobeat artists and celebrities; Mr Real, Bella Shmurda, Zlatan, Small Doktor, Ruger, LAX, BlaqBonez, Joeboy, Neo, IllBliss and WhiteMoney in attendance.

Laycon was cheered on by BBNaija ex-housemates; Nengi, Beatrice, Niyi, JayPaul, Sammie, Yerins, Boma, Tacha and Anto who showed up for the Star in stylish casual outfits.

In its commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and business owners in Nigeria, Vbank had

an inbuilt Vbank experience centre where the audience could participate in games and fun activities and win different prizes.

Speaking on the Icons Fest sponsorship, Senior Product Manager, Vbank; Ebere Ahaotu stated that, “We care about entrepreneurs like Laycon who are driven, innovative and not afraid to take chances. He has proven to be a force in the industry with his strong fan base and musical prowess. To us, he represents the ultimate entrepreneur and we can’t wait to see him thrive in his journey.”

Vbank is Nigeria’s foremost digital bank powered by VFD Microfinance Bank. For more information, visit vbank.ng

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