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Transport Tech Company, Bossbus Partners Jim Iyke On New Movie, Bad Comments

Revolutionary transport technology company, Bossbus has announced a partnership with Nollywood Actor and Movie Producer, Jim Iyke for his debut production and film, Bad Comments.

This partnership, one of the many projects Bossbus plans to take part in this year, is focused on providing safe luxury transport tech services to Sixth Sense as they drive home the message of the movie, Bad Comments.

While speaking at a press conference after signing a contract with Bossbus in Lagos, Jim Iyke expressed his love for the brand. In his remarks, he stated that “Bossbus is like family. This union goes way beyond the call of business. We will take Bossbus to the next level because I don’t see any better brand to partner with asides from this one.” 

Nollywood Actor and Movie Producer; Jim Iyke (M) signing a partnership contract with Bossbus brand executives; CEO, Bossbus; Oluwatobi Johnson Fakayode (L) and Chairman, Board of Directors, Bossbus; Felix Achibirim (R) at a Bossbus press conference in Lagos .

For Bossbus, the relationship with the entertainment industry is the beginning of a new journey. Addressing pressmen on the collaboration, CEO, Bossbus; Oluwatobi Johnson Fakayode explained that the transport tech company will be promoting the movie and the entertainment industry due to the latter’s ability to showcase Nigeria’s innovation to the world. 

He stated that “The entertainment industry is the biggest ambassador of Nigerian innovation and tech industry.” 

Reflecting on Bossbus’ connection to the Nollywood Actor, Mr Fakayode said, “There’s no other person that depicts the image of a ‘Boss’ rather than Jim Iyke. Jim Iyke is a very humble and forward-thinking man and there’s intermediation between our services and the movie. We’re very proud to be associated with him and Sixth Sense.”

L-R; CEO, Bossbus; Oluwatobi Johnson Fakayode, Actor and Movie Producer; Jim Iyke and Chairman, Board of Directors, Bossbus; Felix Achibiri at a Bossbus press conference in Lagos . 

Bossbus has been at the forefront of transforming the transport and technology industry with its integrated charter services, ride-hailing or fleet optimization program that provides safe, reliable, affordable and comfortable commuting experiences for its many customers.

The tech company’s mandate is not just to aggregate the majority of underserved sectors of the transportation industry like the vehicle, water, boat and air charter and rental services but to uplift the tech ecosystem by providing and promoting growth for technology developers and experts, especially in Nigeria. 

L-R: Director, Bossbus; Henry Nelson, Nollywood Actor and Movie Producer; Jim Iyke, Chairman, Board of Directors, Bossbus; Felix Achibiri, Director, Bossbus; Diana Smart, Company Secretary, Bossbus; Olufemi Mojisola Olamide, and CEO, Bossbus; Oluwatobi Johnson Fakayode at the Bossbus press conference in Lagos . 

For more information on Bossbus products and services, please visit www.bossbusworld.com or download the app on Google Play or the App Store. You can also follow Bossbus via their social media platforms www.facebook.com/Bossbusworld/ or on Instagram at @bossbusworld 

About Bossbus

Bossbus is a leading provider of transport technology solutions in Africa. Launched in 2019, the company operates across major Nigerian cities like Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Warri and many more. 

The platform launched its chartered services which allows users charter cars, suvs, buses  boats, helicopters and private jets. Users can choose rides based on price, location, length of days and many more bespoke options on the platform via app.bossbusworld.com

Bossbus provides secure, reliable and affordable transportation experiences to users while simultaneously providing them with a convenient transportation system. 

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