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IWD 2023

ARTSPLIT Partners Chude & Ego Foundation To Empower Women And Young School Girls 

In commemoration of the International Women’s Day, ARTSPLIT, a leading investment technology Company partnered with Chude & Ego Foundation, a non-profit organization to further empower women and young school girls in Nigeria. 

Hosted by both organizations, exceptional women including Okunwa Okpala, Managing Director, Cellar Central Limited; Olaere Donmu, Chief Financial Officer, ARTSPLIT Limited and Juliana Adeseye, Chude and Ego Foundation Coordinator visited the Gbaje Girls Senior High School and had the opportunity to inspire and motivate the students of the High School, teachers and women alike to celebrate women’s achievements and thrive in their respective fields.  

The guests shared their personal experiences and journeys in business and career and encouraged women to pursue education and entrepreneurship as it will create a more inclusive future. 

ARTSPLIT contributes to the success stories of these Nigerian women by helping them seek opportunities within their environment that will position them better in their future careers.

ARTSPLIT also hosted an insightful Twitter Spaces discussing more representation and parity for women in technology in line with this year’s IWD theme; DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality. 


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