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Gurib-Fakim, Mokgoro, Obozuwa join ImpactHER’s Executive Wise Counsel

First female President of Mauritius, Her Excellency; Dr Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, Vice President, Government Affairs, Communications & Sustainability for Coca-Cola, Africa; Patricia Obozuwa and Former Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, Yvonne Mokgoro join ImpactHER’s Executive Wise Counsel – a close-knit group of extraordinary African female leaders designated to provide strategic guidance to ImpactHER with its efforts to help African women access investors to scale their businesses and capital to build sustainable and best-in-class businesses.

Over the years, the African entrepreneurship sector has shown tremendous growth. But despite contributing about 55% of Sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP, female-led SMEs have not received enough support to access the capital required to build top-notch businesses.  Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has further compounded the situation which could worsen if nothing is done.  

Under the leadership of Her Excellency, Dr Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, ImpactHER’s Wise Counsel will provide tactical guidance to help achieve the organization’s mission and vision and to ensure that African women-led businesses emerge stronger post-COVID-19.  

Each Wise Council member has a footprint and a track record of outstanding impact with entrepreneurs and women empowerment programs. 

Commenting on the appointments, Investment Lawyer and Founder of ImpactHER, Efe Ukala, said: “We are most honoured and extremely delighted to have Her Excellency Dr Ameenah Gurib-Fakim lead this highly esteemed group of wise women, whose wisdom and guidance ImpactHER would be leveraging on to help African female entrepreneurs. We look forward to the invaluable contributions that Her Excellency Dr Ameenah, Justice Makgoro and Mrs Obozuwa  would bring to ImpactHER in helping African women achieve their economic potential.”

Speaking on joining the Executive Council, Her Excellency, DrAmeenah Gurib-Fakim states that  “ImpactHER is doing a great job empowering African female entrepreneurs by bridging the gender business financing gaps. That is the only way to bring female entrepreneurs to realize their potential. Empowering women is no longer just a moral thing to do, it makes good business sense”.

MrsObozuwa also stated that “ImpactHER’s efforts in supporting African female entrepreneurs is laudable and critical to helping them build economic resilience, especially in these difficult times.  It is a great privilege to associate with such a transformational initiative for women empowerment”

ImpactHER is one of the leading organizations for women-led businesses in Africa and has pledged to continually assist every female entrepreneur in Africa in reaching its potential and competing globally. The non-profit organization has trained and provided direct support to over 23,000 African women entrepreneurs in 53 African countries. 

For further information about ImpactHER, visit https://www.impacther.org.

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ImpactHER Offers Free Websites To Women-Owned Businesses in Africa

Due to restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, online visibility and the ability to promote brands digitally have become crucial to the survival of many female-led businesses across the continent. On these grounds, a leading Pan- African non-profit organization, ImpactHER is offering free e-commerce websites to women-led businesses to motivate women entrepreneurs and help promote the online presence of their businesses.

Women in need of these free websites can apply by visiting the link – http://bit.ly/IHFreeWebsite

The websites will enable more women-led businesses to leverage the digital marketplace to access new customers, build credibility, and increase sales. All websites will be equipped with search engine optimization to increase ranking, visibility and attract wider demography of customers. 

While discussing the free websites and sharing the motivation for this initiative, the Founder of ImpactHER; Efe Ukala says: “This is an incredible opportunity for African women business owners to participate in the digital economy which is fast growing.  This service ensures that African women-owned businesses are not left behind. It is also a great opportunity to showcase Made in Africa to the rest of the world. We are excited about the endless opportunities that this could unlock for African women business owners.” 

ImpactHER is an impact-driven non-profit organization that empowers African women entrepreneurs by helping them build scalable businesses, access new markets, and bridge the gender business financing gap so as to help African women entrepreneurs realize their full economic potential. With a community of 47,000+ African female entrepreneurs, ImpactHER has trained and provided direct support to over 21,000 African women entrepreneurs in 54 African countries. Since November 2020, 289 women-led businesses in 27 African countries have benefited from ImpactHER’s free website initiative. 

For further information about ImpactHER, visit https://www.impacther.org.

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