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humans of VFD

VFD Group: We Are Investing in The Humans Of VFD

Behind VFD Group Plc’s successes are multitalented men and women who work hard every day to contribute their quota to the growth of the Company. These members of our workforce continue to go to the limits to create exceptional value that enhances our business goals and corporate objectives.

We call them “humans of VFD” because they continue to make magic happen while building a culture of dedication, resilience, passion, and progress. For this, we remain thankful.

As an organization responsible for our “humans of VFD,” we prioritize professional development, employee health and well-being, accelerated career progressions and competitive rewards. We recognize the importance of a good education, work-life balance, and the growth of our employees’ careers. This is why we tend to reward our employees with the best opportunities that support them for the future.

Today we acknowledge the huge sacrifices Timi Omoboboye has made to ensure we continue to build a truly diverse ecosystem and we would like to use this opportunity to celebrate him as we send him off and foot the bill for his education in the United Kingdom.

As the Executive Assistant to our Group Managing Director, Nonso Okpala, Timi goes “warrior” on us whenever he is assigned a task. Combined with his previous education and experience in finance, he always has an intelligent opinion to share with the team.

Timi made an impact in our lives from the very first day he resumed as Team Lead, FX Operations at VFD Group Plc till today by displaying a high regard for corporate excellence. Just like every employee at VFD Group Plc, Timi is being rewarded because we understand what it takes to be goal-oriented at our organization.

Thank you, Timi! You deserve the absolute best for helping us be a truly industry-agnostic proprietary investment company.

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