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World Art Day: ARTSPLIT Empowers Next Generation Of Artists, Donates Art Supplies To Creative Students

In commemoration of the World Art Day, ARTSPLIT, pioneering alternative investment company is empowering the next generation of artists and giving back to its community by donating art supplies and other branded items to creative art students at the University of Lagos and the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

This donation comes at a time where the brand hopes to foster creativity and innovation among students. Speaking at the event, Muyiwa Olowoporoku, Head of Partnerships & Alliances at ARTSPLIT Limited, stated, “At ARTSPLIT, we believe in the power of art to transform lives. We are proud to support the next generation of artists and foster creativity in Nigeria. Seeing art’s excitement and impact on these talented students is inspiring for us. As we celebrate our one-year anniversary, we are committed to furthering the discourse on nurturing creativity, innovation, and cultural diversity among the African people.”

Each year, on the 15th of April, UNESCO’s World Art Day is celebrated across the world to help reinforce the links between artistic creations and society while encouraging greater awareness of the diversity of artistic expressions and highlighting the contribution of artists to sustainable development.

ARTSPLIT hopes to advance the conversation on nurturing cultural diversity among Africans in keeping with its mission to democratize access to alternative investment assets such as artworks and music. ARTSPLIT is holding a one year anniversary auction featuring the works of two exceptional Nigerian artists, Okpu Eze and Reuben Ugbine. Users can own a share of these highly sought-after pieces on the ARTSPLIT app. 

Join ARTSPLIT in celebrating its anniversary and supporting the art community by participating in its ongoing art auction. Click HERE to get started.


ARTSPLIT is an alternative investment company that democratises access to alternative investment assets, such as artworks and music, for everyone. Leveraging technology and co-ownership, ARTSPLIT allows users to co-own rare and valuable African artworks and music catalogues, enhancing the investment status of these assets. In return, these users can sell these fractions (Splits) and earn from it.

Founded in April 2022, ARTSPLIT is committed to empowering investors and supporting artists while promoting creativity and cultural diversity in Africa and beyond.To find out more about ARTSPLIT, please get in touch with info@artsplit.com or visit www.artsplit.com. You can also follow @artsplitofficial on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. ARTSPLIT can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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ARTSPLIT Partners Chude & Ego Foundation To Empower Women And Young School Girls 

In commemoration of the International Women’s Day, ARTSPLIT, a leading investment technology Company partnered with Chude & Ego Foundation, a non-profit organization to further empower women and young school girls in Nigeria. 

Hosted by both organizations, exceptional women including Okunwa Okpala, Managing Director, Cellar Central Limited; Olaere Donmu, Chief Financial Officer, ARTSPLIT Limited and Juliana Adeseye, Chude and Ego Foundation Coordinator visited the Gbaje Girls Senior High School and had the opportunity to inspire and motivate the students of the High School, teachers and women alike to celebrate women’s achievements and thrive in their respective fields.  

The guests shared their personal experiences and journeys in business and career and encouraged women to pursue education and entrepreneurship as it will create a more inclusive future. 

ARTSPLIT contributes to the success stories of these Nigerian women by helping them seek opportunities within their environment that will position them better in their future careers.

ARTSPLIT also hosted an insightful Twitter Spaces discussing more representation and parity for women in technology in line with this year’s IWD theme; DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality. 


ARTSPLIT is an innovative platform which gives its users the opportunity to co-own fractions of rare and valuable artworks and music. In return, these users can sell these fractions (Splits) and earn from it.

To find out more about ARTSPLIT, please contact info@artsplit.com or visit www.artsplit.com.

ARTSPLIT team are available to call or Whatsapp at +234(0)9088962169.

You can also call or WhatsApp our mobile at +234(0)9088962169 and follow @artsplitofficial on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.ARTSPLIT can be downloaded on App Store and Google Play Store.

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Why businesses and marketers need to use email marketing in 2023

An unpopular Chinese proverb goes thus: “If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.” 

A sustainable business cannot focus on making money alone without creating a community of customers. Time and resources must be invested to build a community that will keep the business waxing strong especially when global economies fail. Email marketing is the fastest way to develop such a community. 

As a developer myself, I have come to appreciate the returns on email marketing and when I share these statistics with friends, business owners and marketers, they find it quite difficult to believe. Yet, one of the oldest communication tools in the world still provides better results than social media and any other digital marketing strategy. 

Email marketing is simply sending emails to create awareness for a product or service to a targeted audience. At least 306 billion emails are sent and received each day as of the year 2021. By 2024, the numbers would naturally have increased. 

Email marketing is still the most popular and effective strategy for marketers to reach their audiences. A survey conducted by Hubspot revealed that 47.5% of marketers said their email marketing strategy was more effective toward reaching their business goals. 

Before we go further into the technical aspect of email marketing, I will highlight some of its benefits. A single email from a business can be sent to over a thousand people and read by more than 60% of that number due to open and click rates being higher than social media or other marketing strategies.

How does this happen? It’s quite simple. Emails are more personal and targeted to a specific audience than social media posts and other affordable means of communication and marketing. There are no issues about a platform’s algorithm because the email list will always belong to the business. 

So all one needs to do is create a list, verify these leads through Tribearc’s mail platform, engage and nurture one’s  customers by writing simple emails sent directly to their inboxes through email automation. Applying useful APIs, webhooks, even using a free email marketing copy can help make the email more interesting to read. 

Email marketing is not just sending a creative newsletter to an email list of subscribers. It goes further into subscriber segmentation. As soon as you begin to study the analysis from the tool, you can easily identify what works better for your customer, how they can easily scale through the sales funnel and directly increase your revenue. 

I will be hosting business experts, developers, communicators and tech enthusiasts to a webinar on email marketing to educate people on leveraging artificial intelligence to write powerful emails, email segmentation and deliverability, email marketing campaign measurement amongst other important tips.

All you need to do is register free on https://bit.ly/tribearc and listen to experts from across Africa discuss how to increase business sales in 2023 through email marketing. 

  • Opeyemi Emmanuel is the CEO and Founder of Tribearc, a leading software company in Africa. He can be reached at hello@tribearc.com Calls and messages can be sent to +234-704-212-4554 and +234-708-000-9967 
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ARTSPLIT’s Maiden MusicSplit Auction Ends With The Successful Debut Of King Perryy’s Continental Playlist

ARTSPLIT, the ground-breaking alternative investment platform, has concluded its first-ever MusicSplit auction with the successful launch of “Continental Playlist” by King Perryy. This album has become the hottest investment property in music, increasing in value at the end of the auction. 

Investors in MusicSplit got to experience the Extended Play first hand at the star-studded King Perryy’s Listening Party hosted by ARTSPLIT and attended by fans, music industry enthusiasts and African music producers at the Rooftop of Boardroom Apartments on Friday, 10 February, 2023.

The highly anticipated premiere of “Continental Playlist” celebrated the artist’s success and great music. Investors were encouraged to continue streaming the Continental Playlist and share it with their network to maximise their earnings. The more the EP is streamed, the more the investors earn from their investments, making MusicSplit a high-yielding asset for music lovers.

Continental Playlist by King Perryy is the first project to benefit from ARTSPLIT’s MusicSplit collaboration with music service companies M.A.D Solutions and ENGAGE. The EP features guest appearances from top artists such as 1da Banton, Tekno, Victony, and Ria Sean and is a compilation of 7 mellifluous tracks. King Perryy shares postcards from a world that is difficult to face and even more difficult to ignore, song by song. And those same ideas animate his verses, but he also takes time to revel in the immense joy of his meteoric rise.

MusicSplit allows fans to invest in the success of their favourite musicians by taking the estimated value of a music project (Eps, LPs, and Albums) and dividing it into 100,000 units (or Splits) to allow these fans and music lovers to finance it and profit from their investments. 

Fans who have missed the opportunity to invest and buy splits on the primary market can do so on the Secondary Market or sell the ones they own for a profit on the ARTSPLIT app. 

Join the new music economy on ARTSPLIT and remain updated on the latest offerings by clicking HERE

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Leading Software Company, Tribearc Enters Nigeria, Hosts Email Marketing Webinar

Africa’s leading software company, Tribearc is hosting business experts, developers, communicators and tech enthusiasts to a webinar on the top trends in email marketing. This online event is slated to take place on Friday 17 March, 2023 by 10 AM. 

The webinar titled ‘Email Marketing Trends: How To Scale Up Your Business By Over 50% in 2023’ will educate attendees on leveraging artificial intelligence to write powerful emails, email segmentation and deliverability, email marketing campaign measurement amongst other important tips. 

Tribearc enters the Nigerian market with exciting offers and a feature that allows all its users to purchase its different products in the currency of their choice. Nigerians can pay for its products using their Naira debit cards. Tribearc also offers 99.9% guaranteed email deliverability and automatic email verification ensuring all transactional mails are sent quickly. 

“Tribearc is invested in helping marketers, developers, content creators and entrepreneurs gain more leads, verify these leads and nurture their customers with email automation, apply useful APIs and webhooks, engage customers with its well tested free email marketing copies, build landing pages, host online courses and many more features,” says Opeyemi Emmanuel, CEO at Tribearc. “We provide everything a developer and marketer needs to succeed in business. We believe that by sharing the best tools with Africans, we can continue to improve the business environment and empower the tech ecosystem.”

Statistica estimates that the number of  email users across the world were 4.3 billion people as at 2022, growing to at least 4.6 billion and yielding an estimated revenue of at least US $11 billion by the end of 2023. This makes software providers like Tribearc ever more relevant. 

Email marketing is fast becoming the go-to marketing strategy for many Nigerian businesses due to its affordability, detailed data analysis and good audience reach. Email marketing continues to serve as a personal means of communicating a brand’s message while directly increasing traffic for a business’ website. 

Hence Tribearc’s mandate is to ensure that more entrepreneurs, developers and marketers have the necessary digital tools to succeed in the African continent. Tribearc is available on www.tribearc.com.  

The Tribearc team can be contacted via email on hello@tribearc.com Calls and messages can be sent to +234-704-212-4554 and +234-708-000-9967 Also follow @tribearc on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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Don Jazzy Promotes ARTSPLIT’s MusicSplit

Superstar Producer and Media Personality, Don Jazzy is promoting the latest innovative offering to hit the music market, MusicSplit. In a recent video on his Instagram page, he urged his followers to take advantage of this unique opportunity as soon as possible. 

Recall that ARTSPLIT, the high-end alternative investment platform recently launched MusicSplit and its maiden online auction features Continental Playlist of top Nigerian Music Star, King Perryy on the app which ends on the 10th of February, 2023.

“With MusicSplit, you can be like me! Don’t just enjoy great music; make money from it. You can start investing in your favourite songs and earn monthly royalties on ARTSPLIT,” Don Jazzy explained.

MusicSplit is a game-changer for music lovers and investors alike. It involves taking the estimated value of a music project (Eps, LPs, and Albums) and dividing it into 100,000 units (or Splits) to allow users and music lovers to finance it and profit from their investments. By presenting MUSICSPLIT, ARTSPLIT intends to further elevate African music worldwide while ensuring artistes freedom with alternative investment options.

Onyinye Anyaegbu, Executive Director for Technology and Communications at ARTSPLIT, said, “Our goal has always been to democratize access to investment in African art and artists, and with MusicSplit, we’re making that a reality. We’re thrilled to offer this alternative investment option globally.”

MusicSplit is gradually gaining the attention of music lovers, investors, and industry executives. With MusicSplit, users can own a fraction of any top Afrobeat music project and receive monthly royalty payments straight to their ARTSPLIT wallet

Users can download ARTSPLIT app now and bid in the maiden MusicSplit auction of King Perryy’s upcoming EP now. For more information, visit www.artsplit.com/MusicSplit or contact info@artsplit.com. The time to earn from music is now! 

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ARTSPLIT Introduces MUSICSPLIT, Announces Auction of Upcoming EP by Top Nigerian Music Artiste, King Perryy.

ARTSPLIT, the pioneering alternative investment platform has launched MusicSplit, its latest offering that allows for investment in music projects. Its maiden online auction features Continental Playlist of top Nigerian Music Star, King Perry and kicks off the app from 24 January to 10 February 2023.

MusicSplit allows music lovers own fractions of any trending Afrobeat music and earn monthly royalties to their ARTSPLIT wallet. Users on ARTSPLIT now have access to previously unavailable royalty assets when you buy splits and invest in your favorite Artistes’ upcoming projects. It’s a win for all; your Fav gets the required funding to create great music for your enjoyment and you earn passive income and high-yielding returns from the projects streaming revenues.

In a statement, ARTSPLIT’s executive director for technology and communications, Onyinye Anyaegbu, said. “Our goal has always been to provide a platform that democratises access to investment in African art and artistes through co-ownership and technology while elevating their global standing. Too often, ideas are not appropriately valued, such as music. With MusicSplit, creators can offer a percentage of their upcoming projects for users to invest in and directly fund it. Users on the ARTSPLIT app benefit from access to a high-yielding asset class while artists benefit from debt-free funding while maintaining artistic freedom. As a result, we have moved closer to our goal of providing alternative investments opportunities for everyone.”

King Perryy stands out as one of the country’s most distinctive and ambitious young acts. The creator of what he calls the “Continental Sound,” the former seminary student and would-be Catholic priest fuses the melodies and rhythms of today’s Afrobeats with pan-African influences and reggae/dancehall to create deeply resonant songs that transcend cultures and borders. With a run of successful singles (“Man on Duty,” “Work ‘N’ Grind”) to his credit and over 70 million streams on digital platforms, he released his debut album, Citizen of the World, in 2021.

This Auction comes shortly after a tripartite agreement between ARTSPLIT and music service companies M.A.D Solutions and ENGAGE to enable fans invest in the success of their favourite musicians.

MUSICSPLIT involves taking the estimated value of a music project (Eps, LPs, and Albums) and dividing it into 100,000 units (or Splits) to allow users and music lovers to finance it and profit from their investments. By presenting MUSICSPLIT, ARTSPLIT intends to further elevate African music worldwide while ensuring artistes freedom with alternative investment options.

To find out more about MusicSplit on ARTSPLIT, please visit www.artsplit.com/MusicSplit or contact info@artsplit.com

You can also reach the ARTSPLIT team on call or WhatsApp at +234(0)9088962169 or follow @artsplitofficial on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to keep up to date. Also follow King Perry @kingperry on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The ARTSPLIT app can be downloaded on App Store and Google Play Store. Start investing today in Afrobeat for great returns.

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Growth Strategies to Scale Up Your Tech Business Using Lessons from Film Anatomie

Insights from the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria show that Nigeria’s movie production company, Nollywood, grossed over N800,000,000 (eight hundred million Naira) from theatre releases in 2022. Only a few decades ago, the industry was not as lucrative as it is today, due to factors like poor production output, and piracy. 

However, technological intervention in the production process has made Nollywood movies more appealing to a global audience. As such, through improved movie distribution channels, viewers can now access Nigerian movies in cinemas as well as on international movie streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Showmax.  

Cinematographer, Chuks Oteke, once shared the frustrations he experienced with his work some years back. According to him, clients constantly blamed him for poor movie output after he edited the shots he received from them. He tried to explain to them that the poor clips he received from them were the major factor contributing to the post-production output delivered.

In a quest to address this constant feedback and restore his reputation, he decided to carry out some research while working as a camera operator across various film sets. Chuks soon discovered that the use of poor production equipment was the cause of the problem. He explored building his own equipment as purchasing new ones was quite expensive. For him, the need to have the right camera angles, light, and much more to get the required shots birthed Film Anatomie. His curiosity and ability to improvise saw him create technologies needed by many movie producers in the country.

Although Chuks had a great solution to offer the largest movie production industry in the world (in terms of output), his business had a setback like many African startups; there was a need to reach the right customers and drive profit. 

Common among many business founders and owners, it is easy to get excited about owning a business of your own or founding the next big thing that will happen to humanity. However, it is important to note that it is one thing to develop great products or services, and another thing to be able to reach the right target market, drive sales and scale your business. 

Here is the good news; using an effective growth strategy, the business reached over 250,000 filmmakers and directors, generated 127 qualified leads, and recorded a 400% return on ad spend in only 90 days. 

How did they make this happen? Here are a few things tech founders can adopt from Film Anatomie’s growth strategy and Startup LaunchCode’s work on the business.

  1. Identify the ideal customer for your product or service and create personas for each of them.
  1.  Assess and optimize your online presence and footprint. Film Anatomie’s website was rebranded to improve the perception of the brand in the marketplace they were looking to engage.
  1.  Map out your customer journey, identify the touchpoints the ideal customer would go through in engaging with your brand, the key activities at each stage, and assign KPIs that your team would track.
  1.  Develop a content plan that would engage and nurture the prospect and move them further down the customer journey.
  1. Create a growth plan to monitor business activities. This can be for an average of 90 days.
  1. Consider launching an omnichannel campaign to reach the identified target market of your business.
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ARTSPLIT Concludes December Monthly Auction featuring Ablade Glover, Kofi Agorsor and Isshaq Ismail Auction with an Artists Talk and Exclusive VIP Dinner.

ARTSPLIT, a leading African art technology platform has concluded its contemporary split and lease auction of works by some of Ghana’s finest artists; Ablade Glover, Kofi Agorsor and Isshaq Ismail with a silent party, Artists Talks and VIP Dinner attended by top business leaders, art enthusiasts and lifestyle influencers held last Friday at the Mix Design Hub and Restaurant in Accra.  

Ablade Glover is one of Ghana’s most influential artists known for his ability to capture the joyous everyday life of Ghana, its people, its culture, and environment. He depicts animated landscapes that mirror the exuberant diversity of Africa: its bustling market stalls, brightly attired crowds and women, and the dynamic energy that is Ghana, using warm impastoed pigments to express the dynamism, energy, and heat of his country. His work reflects his deep love of life, activity, and colour. Mostly, his canvases are a love affair with Africa, generously splattered on canvas, evoking the continent’s struggle, tension, beauty, and verve.

Kofi Agorsor’s buoyant, semi-abstract and witty depictions of his subjects have received widespread international acclaim. The vibrant, bold colours used in his paintings depict the daily lives of modern Ghanaians, of spontaneity and order. His paintings are frequently embellished with splashes, drips, and flows of paint that intertwine to form magnificent forests or labyrinths, reflecting the interplay of music, dance movements, and geometry. He frequently employs pulsing colours to create an interpretation of the essence of contemporary Ghanaians; lived experiences set against the backdrop of entertainment.

Isshaq Ismail, another top Ghanaian artist uses black, brown, green, red, ochre, purple, and blue to investigate and explore grotesque figures and textures. Ismail describes his process in sculptural terms, describing how he manipulates paint with thick, gestural brushstrokes in the same way a sculptor shapes clay. Through these striking and evocative works, he hopes to subvert and interrogate conventional notions of beauty. Representing the masses and advocating for the voiceless; his paintings explore themes of desire, resilience, power, and hope.

The ARTSPLIT auction was held from 2 to 17 December featuring Confrontation by Ablade Glover, The Orange Dance by Kofi Agorsor and Abrantie by Isshaq Ismail. Over hundreds of Ghanaian art lovers and collectors graced the opening of the public viewing, Silent Party and Artists Talks during the weeklong affair.

The winning bidders now have physical access to the works for the next 24 months, and the lease value of the works were $890 for Confrontation (2022), $1000 for The Orange Dance (2019) and $510 for Abrantie (2021).

ARTSPLIT is an art technology company driven by one common goal; enhancing the investment status of African art by allowing users to co-own rare and valuable artworks on a platform that guarantees price discovery and market liquidity.

To find out more about ARTSPLIT, please contact info@artsplit.com or visit www.artsplit.com.

ARTSPLIT team are available to call or WhatsApp at +234(0)9088962169.

You can also call or WhatsApp our mobile at +234(0)9088962169 and follow @artsplitofficial on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. ARTSPLIT can be downloaded on App Store and Google Play Store.

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How The ARTSPLIT App Is Pushing Fractional Art Ownership To A New Generation Of Investors

African Art has always been a tool for economic development. In recent years, there has been a rise in the demand for works from countries like Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. According to Statista, Africa contributed a sum of 13 Billion United States Dollars in 2018 to the global art market and this contribution is predicted to rise to US$15 billion by 2023. 

Accra’s commercial galleries sell out of artworks by both contemporary and modern artists, and globally renowned art collectors and auction houses continue to bid aggressively for these African works.

Some of these works by Ablade Glover, Kofi Agorsor, and Isshaq Ismail have had significant international market impact, which is one of the reasons why industry stakeholders, particularly in Ghana, continue to advocate for more citizens to be interested in and invest in these works.

The Ghanaian local scene is slowly picking up pace in the acquisition and collection of its works; however, opportunities remain abound for more strategies and innovation to drive this new reality.

Classic paintings and sculptures are now very affordable and accessible, but only a few have taken advantage of the opportunity to appreciate and acquire these works. This is why a technological tool designed specifically for Africans by Africans was required.

ARTSPLIT is an art technology company that allows Ghanaians to own fractions of prominent African artworks, also known as “Splits,” and keep or sell them on its app at the end of a Split Auction.” The Splits allow multiple people to co-own a single iconic piece of art, which no other art platform currently does.

These Splits can go for as low as US$0.028 and then they can either keep or sell them in the secondary market to other users for profit.

Following the Split Auction, Ghanaians can also participate in a ‘Lease Auction’ on the app to win physical custody of these co-owned artworks for a set period. And this cycle is repeated on the app as far as multiple individuals own splits of that artwork. That way Ghanaians get to own as well as earn from the ownership of these pieces.

For the artists, this is a digital innovation that has the potential to improve how their works are collected, appreciated, promoted, and purchased. This also implies that they will be able to sell their works faster than through any other method.

Right now, ARTSPLIT GHANA is holding a December auction of works from our people’s finest artists; Ablade Glover, Kofi Agorsor and Isshaq Ismail up till 17 December, 2022. Art lovers and new art investors can use the ARTSPLIT app to have a share of these pieces. ARTSPLIT can be downloaded on App Store and Google Play Store.

Ghanaians can today meet and talk to some of these artists at The Mix Design Hub and Restaurant, Osu, Accra, Ghana while attending the physical viewing of these works ending on 16 December, 2022.

This December auction follows the successful November auction of works by the continent’s most celebrated artists, Yusuf Grillo and George Pemba as well as the inaugural MOCONA auction which grew the value of the artworks by an average of 14%, making a total of US$57,000 held in July 2022.

ARTSPLIT’s mission is to position African art & artists as the preferred alternative investment choice by democratising access to iconic African art alongside developing the African art ecosystem through technology and co-ownership.

Due to this innovation, there is now a huge movement in the Ghanaian art industry and if our people do not capitalise on these possibilities, it will be too late.

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