Boys Are Treasures That Need Protection – Founder, House of G3, Mrs Temitope Onabiyi

Many people find it difficult raising boys nowadays. They are energetic, rebellious and very curious beings. Not Mrs Onabiyi.

Life dealt a blow to her when she was younger and she lost her mother to the clutches of death. As a young married woman, she housed and raised her 4 younger brothers. When she started having her children, she was blessed with another 4 boys so she had 8 young lads scrambling around her house.

“They were always a handful. Wanting to play Football and use their energies to do something. Just anything I always ensured they were always engaged with something useful and positive.” she explained when asked how she managed the growing boys.

As time went by, she realised that many boys were not properly mentored and guided when they are still in their formative years.

“It seems that parents focus on the growth and development of the girl child that they forget about the boys and fail to guide them as they grow. These are the boys that society automatically wants to be responsible husbands and fathers without consciously teaching them how to live life properly” Mrs Onabiyi said.

This was one of the things that spurred her to begin House of G3.

“We are just interested in grooming godly boys that will understand that there is a need to put their energies into positive use and be useful to society. There are various activities that we organize for the boys between the ages of 8-18 years old to engage their minds and bodies.

One of such programs is the Annual Boys Conference that will hold on the 25th of September 2021 at SBLS Training and Event Center, Opposite Kobis Eatery Oregun, Lagos.

At this event, boys will interact with professionals that are willing to teach them critical life principles that will be useful for them and the society at large’ she explained.

House of G3 also organises programs that will assist young boys in the long term by providing mentorship, teaching business skills, providing employment opportunities and emotional awareness.

They can be reached via their social media handles on Instagram and Facebook @HouseofG3.

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