Registered as a Public Relations Agency in 2021, ABCS is Africa’s leading Tech PR Agency providing Technology Public Relations, Press Release Writing and Distribution, and Speaking Engagements to clients in agritech, cybersecurity, software development, savings and payments, mobile payments, cryptocurrency, crowdfunding, insuretech, credit tech, transport tech, femtech, entertainment tech, marketing tech, health tech and other related industries.

ABCS is passionate about helping Technology Companies within and outside Africa understand and thrive in target African markets. We have creative people and talented partners across the continent who are invested in new ways to help Technology Companies communicate their stories.

We measure our success from conversions, feedback, engagement and sales. We care about positive outcomes, not just data. 


ABCS believes in the impact technology has on Africa, its effect on the global economy and the world at large.

We know how important it is for technology companies to build trust in Africa, so we develop and execute effective Tech PR strategies on behalf of startups and brands.

We care about the little details and dig deep to find a personal and engaging story for each brand. We will then ensure that each brand engages all stakeholders and publics effectively while maintaining the best practice in the Tech PR industry.


Our Vision

To build the world’s best technology and marketing communications firm in years to come.


Our Mission

To create engaging ideas and tell compelling stories that transform brands to powerhouses in the new technology-driven era.

abcs team

Our team is made up of expert communications professionals with at least 6 years of experience developing and executing PR campaigns in Africa.

Abiola Bonuola

Abiola Bonuola loves telling emotive and relatable stories of innovation and emerging markets. She started abcs to help more entrepreneurs, startups, investors, VCs and tech brands engage their target audience. 

She loves creating TikTok videos on Tech PR. She’s a fan of K-pop and her Celebrity crush is Lee Min Ho.

Kume Akpubi

Kume Akpubi is a visual storyteller. He likes to tell relatable stories with design, illustrations and motion/videos. In his free time, he paints (digital & traditional), reads, and writes short stories & poetry.

He loves traveling and experiencing new cultures (His goal is 50 countries before he’s 40. Wish him luck!)

Titi Macaulay

Titi Macaulay is a go-getter. She is exceptional at adapting to a wide range of people and being open to different attitudes, values, and personalities. 

Godwin Moses

Moses Godwin is an experienced brand communicator, designer, personal brand, product design, and digital entrepreneur with over two years in professional experience.

He has exercised his vast knowledge base of visual communications, user experience research and design, branding, marketing, strategy, and tech in a variety of projects and campaigns.

Olusola Kaka

Olusola Kaka is a PR & Communications enthusiast keen about telling stories the right way. She has worked with several brands some of which include Diageo, Glover, Union Bank, Golden penny, etc on various campaigns.

When she’s not on her laptop working, you’d definitely find her reading a book!